Cioccolato Calcagno

Cioccolato Calcagno

When the elderly owners decided to retire in 2018, the Cioccolato Calcagno 1946 factory was taken over by a group of partners bound by a passion for chocolate. Their aim was to revive and relaunch the historic brand, sharing the principles and maintaining the tradition behind it, while adding a touch of innovation.

The leading lights are Alessandra Castelletto, who runs the business, and Laura Bosio, who oversees production. Many processes are carried out with period machinery, while others have been modernized. The production plant and shop are situated a stone’s throw from the Collegno metro station.

Products not to be missed are the giandujotti, classic and plain, the pistachio and cacao cream spreads with PGI Piedmontese hazelnuts (of the Nocciola Insolita and Piemonte varieties), the various hazelnut chocolate confections and the plain, milk, white, spiced and mono-origin bars.

They also produce Christmas goodies and Easter eggs with different chocolates.

Products are available from the online shop: telephone to inquire about factory shop opening hours.