A trip to discover the amazing food and wine being made and sold in and around Torino: words, photographs, images and maps on these pages speak of a territory where flavor is at home, thanks to the commitment to doing things properly, the dedication and the professionalism of producers, purveyors and artisans — the real Masters —.

The “Masters of Taste of Torino and its province” project was launched in 2002 by the Torino Chamber of commerce, its Chemical Laboratory and Slow Food, the Piedmont-based organization that has taken the ambitious and courageous battle for “good, clean and fair” food to an international level. Over time, our local area has made these values of good, clean and fair its own, turning them into a tangible gastronomic tradition of distinctive breadth and quality. This is clear from the Masters’ number, they were 50 in 2002 to 157 during the last edition up to the 209 of the future edition 2019/2020 and represented by the 26 categories.
Aware of the importance of the initiative, many have proposed themselves as candidates and agreed to undergo assessment on the basis of the prerequisites envisaged by the project: “Turineseness” as judged by the Torino Chamber of commerce, hygiene and health as analyzed by the Chemical Laboratory and taste, as established by Slow Food.

Over the years, it is not only the number of these “creators” of taste that has increased, but also their quality, often thanks precisely to their participation in the project and the advice they have received as a result.
The diffusion activity performed since 2002 through communication campaigns and promotional initiatives has developed greater knowledge of certified products among consumers. It has thus helped to disseminate the food culture and education needed to train “new” citizens, oriented towards more aware consumption.

Delving among the over 26 categories and the single pages for each Master — new ones have been added this year — we hope we can rouse once more in the reader the urge to set out on a treasure hunt of the local gastronomy through unusual itineraries that take in corner shops but also historic emporia in the centre of the town and in the most remote localities of the province: almost always it’s the story of a small farming or artisan production enterprise which, by adding value to the local area and its tradition, also captures new and increasingly common demands for informed, quality consumption.

Soon the names of the new 37 Masters of the 2019/2020 edition will be disclosed and they are going to widen the participants fan: 209 excellences to be discovered through the eyes, the taste and the palate!