A journey in search of food and wine in Turin and its province: stories, images and maps speak of a local area where taste is a given thanks to the commitment, dedication and professionalism of producers, dealers and artisans – in other words, the Masters of Taste.

The Masters of Taste of Turin and its Province  project came into being in 2002 thanks to the Turin Chamber of commerce, its Chemistry Lab and Slow Food, which has waged its ambitious and courageous battle for “good, clean and fair food” precisely from Piedmont, the region of which Turin is the capital. The local area has long adopted these values, making them materialise in a great and significant agrifood tradition, as the number of Masters of Taste – which increased in the 26 different categories, from 50 in 2002 to 222 in 2022 – demonstrates.

Mindful of the importance of the initiative, many of the Masters have applied for assessment to establish whether their products possess the characteristics envisaged by the project: namely “Turinese spirit” as rated by the Chamber of commerce, hygiene and health requisites as analysed by the Chemistry Lab, and taste as judged by Slow Food.

Over the years, we have witnessed the growth not only of the quantity of these “makers” of taste but also of their quality, often thanks to their participation in the project and the advice they have received as a result.

The publicity activity carried out in 2002 has helped to spread the food culture and education necessary to train “new” citizens and guide them towards more mindful consumption.

Our hope is that browsing through the categories and pages devoted to each single Master, the reader will be inspired to set out on a treasure hunt through local food and wine, following often unbeaten tracks that range from the corner shop to the shops of the old city centre to the more remote corners of the province. In most cases, this involves discovering small-scale farm or artisan produce that adds value to the local area and its tradition. Hence new and increasingly widespread opportunities for mindful quality consumption.

The 222 Masters of Taste of Turin and its Province that received the recognition on November 19 2020, will conserve it through 2023-24.

We hereby invite you to discover them with your eyes, your taste and your palate…




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