Apicoltura Torinese

Apicoltura Torinese


Brothers Giacomo and Francesco Grillone and their cousin Marco Zaffino share a passion for bees. They began farming them in 2014 as a hobby, which just two years later they decided to turn it into a business to produce prime-quality honey.

Their mantra is respect and tradition and they put it into practice in the fields where they raise bee families in hives using organic methods. According to season and climate they move the hives to the mountains of the Val Chiusella to produce Alpine flora honey, along the River Dora between Collegno and Alpignano for lime honey, to Cantalupa for chestnut honey and between Rivalba and Cumiana for millefiori and acacia honeys.

They process the honey at their workshop in Collegno, where they mature it in silos, drawing it from them for packaging. The traceability of the honeys is guaranteed and a number of processes are still performed by hand.

The elegant jars are beautifully designed and there’s now a new “Mieli e Delizie” (Honeys and Goodies) range, a marriage of acacia honey and “Piemonte” hazelnuts, and chestnut honey and Sorrento walnuts.

The workshop doubles as a point of sale: we recommend you phone ahead to enquire about opening times.