Bottega del Canestrello

Bottega del Canestrello

The Bottega del Canestrello in Borgofranco is a family business established in 1986 by Aldo Ferrando. Since 2015 it has been run by his son-in-law Sandro and his daughter Laura with passion and skill.

In 2020 it moved to new premises, eliminating the cafeteria and concentrating on producing canestrelli, a typical local delicacy, and selling them directly to the public, using irons that are more than 40 years old.

The shop also stocks a number of different types of tea, biscuits to serve with coffee, local krumiri cookies, nocciolone (chocolate with hazelnuts), soft amaretti, and specific products for people with food intolerances and vegans. The canestrelli come in countless flavors, from classic sweet versions with cocoa, vanilla, hazelnut, pistachio and coffee to savory takes with rosemary, pesto, speck, onion, chili and more besides.

The ingredients used are local, from free-range eggs from a farm in Alice Castello to the flour, which is all Piedmontese, and the hazelnuts, which come directly from the groves of the Cascina Bosco Maggiore farm near Alba (Cuneo).

A home delivery service is available in the local area. The shop is open from 4pm to 7pm from Tuesday to Friday and all day on Saturday, and is closed on Sunday and Monday.