Ël Canton dij Formagg



Cheese has been Luciano Di Leonardo’s passion for 30 years, and at his shop near the station where the cog railway departs for Superga, he offers a terrific assortment, as well as an excellent charcuterie selection. Hence, from Piedmont, caprini della Val di Lanzo and caprini del Cebano, Montebore, Bettelmatt and different varieties of toma, and, from other Italian regions, buffalo’s milk mozzarella, Puzzone di Moena and Formaggio di fossa. From France you’ll find the precious Morbier, from Great Britain Stilton and Shropshire, typically orange in colour with subtle aromatic notes. The charcuterie includes PDO Cuneo and, from the Valle d’Aosta, Saint Marcel prosciutto, and Marche delicacies such as ciaùscolo, capocollo and lonzino. And if it’s curiosities you’re looking for, try the bull’s bresaola from the Valtellina. You’ll also find a few gems among the pastas and oils.
Closed on Sunday and Wednesday afternoon.