Mario Bianco

Mario Bianco

Andrea Bianco belongs to the fourth generation of a family of apiculturists. For many years his father, an agronomist, produced wine and only later went on to make honey and keep bees.

One of the first decisions Andrea took was to focus on monovarietal honeys, from single flowering seasons. Hence the “Mieli d’autore” line with jars whose very fine labels through which it is possible to see the honey well against the light.

The farm now owns a number of hives and practices nomadism, which involves moving the bees across the valleys of Lanzo and those of the province of Cuneo in pursuit of the best blossoms. It produces a variety of types of honey: chestnut, acacia, mountain flora, wild lime, rhododendron and mountain dandelion. The honey is extracted once a week. The most recent novelty is ailanthus honey, the ailanthus, or “tree of heaven” being a deciduous tree of Chinese origin.

The farm also sells other products such as Mielò, a grappa and honey liqueur, chocolates filled with honey, propolis in alcohol solution, pollen and royal jelly.

Closed on Sunday.