Orsucci – Cupido

Orsucci – Cupido


Roberto Miranti picked up experience in a number of patisseries in Liguria before opening Cupido. In 2016 he took over Orsucci, which had been run by his parents-in-law for 40 years.

Since then, his aim has been to stay constantly updated and take part in competitions (winning many awards). His first specialization was the design and production of bespoke ceremonial cakes but over the years, in the light of the growing success of the cafeterias attached to the two shops, he has focused more and more on traditional patisserie, croissanterie and individual confections.

His miniature mousses come in 25 flavors, of which at least 15 are offered on a rotation basis: the favorites are chamomile, strawberry and Champagne, hazelnut and salted caramel. The same philosophy has been transferred to the savory canapés, filled with the likes of tuna, salmon and shrimp cream.

The yeast-leavened cakes are also excellent: classic panettone is always much in demand at Christmas and more creative versions are also produced specially every year. For the coming festivities, the flavors will be apricot with amaretti and peaches with chocolate.