Pasticceria Ivett

Pasticceria Ivett

Where the Curetti’s family butcher’s shop used to be, since 2019 there has been a lovely trim modern patisserie, the result of conversion work by Curetti junior, Roberto, and his Cuban partner Ivett Rodriguez Cuza.

After attending courses with a number of master pastry chefs, Ivett, who has always been in love with the world of cakes and confectionery, began producing her own creations, mostly by hand. Her bignè, fancy buns, are tiny, so it’s possible to fill a tray with a host of different flavors: besides classic versions and the ones filled with Chantilly cream, much in demand, Ivett also makes a variety of square bignè, as well as bavarois with white chocolate and raspberry or with soft biscuit with chocolate, mango jelly and passion fruit.

Her cakes are never banal and the most representative is certainly her cheesecake with a light base of hazelnut, lemon-flavored cream cheese and wild fennel-scented milk mousse.

Not to be missed either are Ivett’s canapés, which come in unusual shapes and forms, filled with bagna caoda, Bra sausage and leek and bacon.

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