13 – 19/06/2014: Celebration Week – Pollenzo (Cn)

In order to celebrate the 10 years of UNISG, the University of Gastronomic Sciences in collaboration with Banca del vinoAlbergo dell’Agenzia and Agenzia di Pollenzo will organize the Celebration Week. A week of free events, music, eat-in, farmer’s markets, disco soups, conferences, and much more!


– Carousel
– Documentary Show: Agrarian Landscapes. The essential scientific legacy of Emilio Sereni
– Chef Cesare Battisti from Ratanà Restaurant (Milan) at UNISG Accademic Tables



11:45 PM, Piazza di Pollenzo – Opening Ceremony and Toast, UNISG 10th Anniversary (private event, by invitation only)



7 PM, Piazza di Pollenzo – Eat-in (private event, by invitation only for the Pollenzo, Slow Food and UNISG community)

Live music by
– Bandakadabra Marching Band
– Le 3 sorelle della Paranza del Geco
– J’amis ‘ dla Madlan-a

Followed by screening of England vs Italy soccer match.



From 10 AM to 6 PM – Piazza di Pollenzo – Farmer’s Marketwith producers from Terra di Alba, Langhe, Pollenzo and former students who became producers.

12 PM – Sala Rossa – UNISG presents its accademic programs

The following activities are scheduled throughout the day:
– Activities for children organized by the Slow Food UNISG Convivium
– Vertigo Circus, two acrobatic performances
– Entertainement for kids: face painting
– Live music by: Sonhaires, Magasin du Cafe, Choir Voxis, Blues Group, Raviole al Vin



11 AM – Sala Rossa – “Towards Pollenzo’s Manifesto” – with the presence of the Minister of Heritage, Culture and Tourism Dario Franceschini

4 PM – Sala Rossa – “Franciacorta: past, present and future”, meeting open to UNISG students – Franciacorta wine degustation

6 PM – Sala Rossa – Presentation of “The Physiology of Taste” by Anthelme Brillian-Savarin new edition by Slow Food Publications, with the intervention of Simonetta Agnello Hornby, the participation of Antonella Campanini, professor at UNISG and Carlo Petrini.

7 PM – Wine Bank – Franciacorta workshop: “The decline of Franciacorta”. Additional fee event by reservation only at 0172458 418 or banca@bancadelvino.it

7 PM – Piazza di Pollenzo – Cocktail dinner with live music for everyone!

21:30 h – Piazza di Pollenzo – Open Air Cinema screening of film“The Strawberry Place”



10 AM – Sala Rossa – Honorary Degree Award to Michel Brasfrom Bras Restaurant

From 6 to 7:30 PM – Sala Rossa – Dialogue between Don Luigi Ciotti and Carlo Petrini

7 PM – Wine Bank – Workshop with Francesco Valentini.Additional fee event by reservation only at 0172458 418 orbanca@bancadelvino.it

7 PM – Piazza di Pollenzo – Cocktail dinner with live music for everyone!

21:30 h – Piazza di Pollenzo – Open Air Cinema



10 AM – Sala Rossa – Lecture: “Pollenzo – Research: The University discusses the state of the art research and the UNISG perspective” by UNISG professors

4PM – Tavole Accademiche – Dialogue between chef Cesare Battisti from Ratanà Restaurant and University students

6 PM – Sala Rossa – Conference with Philippe Daverio and Carlo Petrini

7 PM – Wine Bank – Workshops with Conte Marone Cinzano.Additional fee event by reservation only at 0172458 418 orbanca@bancadelvino.it

7 PM – Piazza di Pollenzo – Cocktail dinner with live music for everyone!

9:30 PM – Piazza di Pollenzo – Open Air Cinema



9:30 AM– Sala Rossa – Conference with Massimo Montanari, Vito Teti, Marino Niola, Piercarlo Grimaldi, Carlo Petrini, Davide Porporato. A seguire. Presentation of the book “La Dieta Mediterranea” by Elisabetta Moro

5 PM – Piazza di Pollenzo – Disco Macedonia waiting for UNISG 10th Anniversary Closing Party

7 PM – Piazza di Pollenzo – Cocktail dinner with live music for everyone!

9 PM – UNISG 10th Anniversary Closing Party with The Tuamadre


University of Gastronomic Sciences

Piazza Vittorio Emanuele 9, Pollenzo, CN, 12042, Piemonte