The Chemistry Lab – a non-profit special company and technical arm of the Turin Chamber of Commerce – has always provided the tools indispensable for observance of current legislation, as well as independent and impartial analysis, consultancy and training services to enterprises, consumers, business associations, public administrations and local bodies.

It has played a fundamental role in the project from the outset, with its team of professionals assessing the businesses nominated for recognition, connecting care, quality and typicality of their products with their guarantee of safety, a primary aspect of business excellence and quality.


At the selection phase, the lab team assesses each business according to rigorous objective criteria with chemical-physical analyses of specific products. The team also helps businesses to grow, equipping them with the tools to critically review their own systems, identify and control significant dangers for food safety, to adapt, if necessary, and to preserve – and optimise – the taste of their products.


The projects’ success can be seen in the commitment of the businesses that in the last few years have applied to become Masters of Taste. The Lab, in fact, has recorded increasing attention to aspects such as quality, tradition and authenticity, all with respect for safety. These are the values that consumers are looking for today, the values that they regard as key in any agrifood product and that – together with the favours that most connote specific local areas – are increasingly decisive in guiding their buying choices.